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“If it is prostitution, I’ll do it.” In the past, girls like Faith would have been tricked into prostitution, promised jobs like hairdressing or supermarket before being forced to work for pimps.“Before, nobody knew - it was a secret thing,” said 30-year-old Anita, who was sex trafficked to Italy in 2011, after being deceived into thinking she was going to work as a hairdresser.Some of the women will end up working on the streets of Italy, others in France, Spain, Austria or other European countries where demand seems to grow incessantly.Pianese, who works as part of a 13-strong team that includes two women of Nigerian origin, has learned how to spot the signs that newly arrived women have been trafficked.Typically this will be between 20,000 and 50,000 euros (dollars).“These are sums way above what other migrants have paid,” says Maurizio Scalia, a public prosecutor in Palermo in Sicily who has been helping to track down individual traffickers and now wants to expand the scope of his investigation to “get a picture of the whole system”.Adding to the problems involved in smashing the smugglers’ business model is the fact that many of the victims have taken part in voodoo ceremonies before they leave Nigeria and fear reprisals against their families if they do not pay back their debts.

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“Something in her head will keep telling her: ‘Go and pay!

There is also some positive news to be shared: Italian law guarantees residency rights and social support to women trafficked for prostitution, even if they have not got to the stage of being forced to sell their bodies in Italy.

Despite that, the IOM says barely 300 women accepted such help between the start of 2015 and the end of August.

’” Juju is a potent ingredient in a cocktail of coercion that keeps thousands of Nigerian women and girls in sex slavery in Europe, mostly in Italy, after making the treacherous journey across North Africa and the Mediterranean in search of better lives.

Combined with crippling debt and threats of violence, it helps perpetuate a cycle of exploitation in which many victims then become perpetrators, returning to Nigeria as “madams” to recruit more girls, police and rights groups say.

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