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DART is represented by a board of 14 Commissioners, one from each member government it serves.

From its formation in 2006 through September 2017, DART had a nine member Board of Commissioners that represented seven regions based on population, with two Commissioners serving as at-large representatives.

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Please visit our home page eu.for other content that may be of interest to you.For a thousand different reasons, you're considering a move this year, and well you should: It's a big ol' country we have here, and opportunity favors those in motion. As sick as you might be of your city's high rents, beers, and miserable dating pool, migrating to the same overhyped town as everyone else won't improve your situation.But before you start daydreaming of swimming holes, remember: Austin is full. Suddenly you're just another latecomer stuck in traffic, watching the rents go up, the lines get longer, and a pint climb to . But as you know, plenty of amazing places are still lurking under the radar.In addition to each member government having a representative on the Commission, a weighted vote will be allowed, if called, on matters related to funding, budget, service levels and composition of the Commission.Weighted voting would be 1 vote per 25,000 population. Citizens are welcome to attend the board meetings and address the Commission.

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