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Sediment geochemistry is very complex and can change from area to area even over small distances.Usually it is recommended to date the macrofossils that are found whenever possible, provided the researcher thinks that the macrofossils are “in-situ” and did not grow from the overlying layers (like roots).Please remove excess water, wrap the samples with plastic (e.g.

Identification of macrofossils requires highly trained scientists, e.g.

– If the macrofossils are chosen for the analysis, the reported results will be as “plant material”.

If the sediment is chosen for the analysis, the reported results will be as “bulk organic carbon” or “total acid insoluble organics” depending on the sediment fractions included in the analysis.

Alkali extractions on sediments will remove any unbound carbon that is alkali-soluble.

The source of this carbon can be from more recent humic and fulvic acids or ancient labile carbon that is alkali-soluble.

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