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Each parallel world will show the arcs of the different boys as the love interest, the time will also relapse to August 1st each time; this shows how it connects to the otome dating sim game, as she goes through the process of regaining her memories back, and the player decides who she ends up with in the end of the game-the anime will leave an open ending, as each viewer will decide who they want the heroine to be with, she will remain in that world with him. He appears to have a bright and bubbly personality, and seems to care greatly for the Heroine.The male characters that the female player character can interact with are based on the symbolic suit symbols from a playing card deck with the following storylines (commonly known as 'routes' in the game and 'arcs' in the anime): Heart, Spade, Club, Diamond, and Joker. Orion's self appointed role is to support the Heroine throughout each story, and help her reclaim the lost memories.She has shoulder length, light brown hair that gradients into pink tips, and eyes that are emerald with a hint of blue.Her default look is a blue collared dress, black cardigan, white shoes and a white sling bag. As she suffers from complete amnesia at the start of the story, she has no recollection of how she used to be before 1st August.She plays video games and records her reactions through audio and facecam.She is known for her playthroughs with added funny commentary and a jump-cut editing style.

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Keke Cody Lawrence Emerson Reid Zane Pierce Devin Vesey Ace Summers Skyler Ruby For cheat codes, go here.

With the sword of Excalibur in your hands your family has kept peace for quite a while.

Until one day King Arthur comes to claim the sword of Excalibur!

Lexie just moved to South Cigam in search for a band to join.

She then bumps into a blond-haired boy, who compliments her guitar. Lexie arrives at a recording studio, and a boy named Emerson greets her.

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