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Dear Amy: I have been married almost 15 years to a man I first knew in high school. We have been maintaining our relationship long distance.I became aware of his problem several years ago when I found a bra hanging in our laundry room that was not my size. Our plan has always been for him to move this summer in order to be with...In addition, she has appeared as a social commentator on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” and is a regular contributor to NPR’s “Wait! Y., the dairy town where she grew up, and married a local contractor she’s known since she was a child.Follow some of the industry’s best columnists, comic strips, and puzzle creators on Twitter.

He gave me his social media account passwords and has added my thumbprint to his phone (which I find really cute because I didn’t really ask him for it). Suddenly, without notice or explanation, James has cut off all communication with his two loving parents — myself and my wife. Dear Amy: My son recently received his learner’s permit to drive. Unfortunately, I lost my mother to cancer only six months ago.We were members of a nice church where we’d tithe 15 percent of our income and donate large sums on top of that. Dear Amy: This summer, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our seventh anniversary as a couple. Dear Amy: My boyfriend of six months has really opened himself up to me.For us, this goes beyond the usual pink and blue, as we’ve seen baby clothing with incredibly sexist language — e.g., “Born to shop” or... Even my father, who is a very conservative person and right-wing politically, has overcome his own prejudices in order...Dear Amy: Last year, my 16-year-old son came out as bisexual. Dear Amy: I learned via text message that my husband is in a relationship with another woman.

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