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When you feel male again, then Janet is the one you think about. She knew the more intense his feminine feelings became the more under her seductive spell he would be. She wanted this young man for her own pet, but this would not be accomplished by force, only by stealth and cunning, She wanted him to belong to her because he WANTED to, not through being FORCED.The first step, once she had Paul accepting his new identity, if only at certain times, was to turn her attention to his girl friend, Janet.She liked submissive males and this was why she was first attracted to Paul, some twenty years younger than herself.She ‘trained’ him thoroughly, and it came as a terrible shock to her to be told he was now interested in a girl more his own age and might one day intend to marry her.Sarah, a handsome woman in her late thirties, was a governess at the well known Stoughton Centre, the inmates were mostly young folk in their late teens who came from broken homes or were orphans.She was a widow and after four years of total and utter abstinence from sexual activity with the opposite sex, Mrs Wilson was hungry for adventure and physical relief.Completed in 2008, following the sudden death of Young's father, the book is at once infused with the sadness of his loss, and enlivened by the poet's wry but enthusiastic celebration of his southern roots.

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In addition to Dear Darkness, Young has written five other books of poetry, including For the Confederate Dead (2007), Jelly Roll: A Blues (2003), and Most Way Home (1995), which was selected for the National Poetry Series.

Young's other honors include a Stegner Fellowship, and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship.

He loved playing the game of being her maid for example.

He even enjoyed being called Pauline instead of Paul whilst he was clad in feminine clothing, and although he insisted he was very much in love with his girl friend, Janet, back at the Centre, he still went along with this bossy Mrs Wilson and reconciled himself to having two important loves in his life.

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