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Now that major companies are taking sides, it's time to figure it out. But there are a lot of reasons not to regard the movement generously. Intel an article by journalist Leigh Alexander arguing that "gamers," in the traditional sense, are becoming irrelevant as "angry young men" grow up and the medium evolves to include new audiences. Quinn's address and phone number were made public shortly afterward, and the threats against her became so intense that she left her house and started couch-surfing. So Intel pulled its ads from Gamasutra because of a bunch of people attacking a woman after her boyfriend claimed she'd cheated on him? In September, the attacks on Quinn coalesced into an organized campaign, coordinated on 4chan, Reddit, You Tube and in various IRC channels.

Gamers came to a consensus that publicly harassing a woman over her sex life was a bad look.

But its most fervent proponents are so desperate to maintain the illusion that they represent an oppressed majority (as if that makes any sense) that they've Vivian James to advance the idea that #notallwomen care about female representation in games. Despite Gamergate's self-contradictory positions, it has managed to get some of what it wanted.

Prominent women who make and write about games have been banned its writers from contributing to developers on Patreon, a crowdfunding website popular with women in games—notably Gamergate targets Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian (editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo later clarified that the policy applies to any direct financial support of developers).

Those discussions are fine, they feel, but please don't force them to confront those inconvenient issues or "shove them down our throats."Whether they realize it or not, they've just had what's probably their first real encounter with the concept of "privilege." For a very long time, being part of the "target demo" has meant being able to enjoy games made for (and, for the most part, by) people like you, without ever seeing those games interrogated from another perspective. Women in Video Games" inspire such vitriol precisely because they've pierced that bubble of privilege and started conversations that gamers can't conveniently ignore.

And that can be hard to accept, especially when you identify with a group that has traditionally been at the bottom of the (white, male) social pecking order.

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But Grayson never reviewed continue to trot it out as an example of journalistic corruption months later.(Kotaku and Gawker are sister sites, both owned by Gawker Media LLC.)Surely the gaming community is not entirely made up of misogynists and angry idiots? It would be absurd if it hadn't forced people out of their homes for fear of their personal safety," wrote actor Adam Baldwin—in response to this widespread repudiation of the term "gamer" and the scummy layer of misogyny it had picked up.Well—after Gaters hailed Intel's decision as a victory for their letter-writing campaign, "fake gamers—into supporting a misogynist movement."[W]e recognize that our action inadvertently created a perception that we are somehow taking sides in an increasingly bitter debate in the gaming community.That was not our intent, and that is not the case …Near the end of August, a significant chunk of the gaming press feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian."There has been so much hate. You said #Gamergate participants believe they're fighting for video game journalism ethics. #Gamergate participants believe that game journalism has been corrupted—there are too many writers who maintain friendships or other close relationships with game developers.So many angry words, so many accusations, over...what? Never mind for now that the game developers who are most often complained about are people like Zoe Quinn—independent, crowd-funded, and frequently from underrepresented identity groups—#Gamergate's mission (publicly, anyway) is to convince games writers to adopt the same ethical standards as "real journalists."What does that mean?

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