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Because authentic feelings about ‘self’ Sooner or later the narcissist’s False Self is not appeased enough.The narcissist will perceive something you did as ‘wrong’ – which means not approving of him or her enough, or because you ‘critiqued’ ’questioned’ or ‘didn’t agree’ with him or her in some way.‘Normal’ people may not necessary like it – The narcissist’s False Self then goes into automatic deflection and projection.Due to the narcissist’s self-disgust with his or her unhealed/ disowned parts, this is a necessary emotional survival mechanism.

Narcissistic parents project their unhealed parts on to their children, narcissistic bosses do it to their employees, and narcissists do it to their love partners.You do not have to ‘critique’ a narcissist for it to happen – he or she may just be having a The narcissist will use any method available to project.This means fabricating, distorting, assigning significance to, or exaggerating what you said or did as ‘evidence’, and / or quoting third party allies which can also be fabricated.One of the most painful parts about a relationship with a narcissist is the accusations and ‘labels’ the narcissist puts on you.During your relationship with the narcissist you were probably accused of doing and being all sorts of things that you know at a logical level you certainly wouldn’t do.

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