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"And we know there are whole rafts of issues that were never, or hardly ever, discussed in the referendum which are now extremely important."The Irish border is one, and that is one that matters for Wales because our ports could suddenly find themselves as part of a hard-economic border with Ireland. "For all these reasons we are coming together, on a cross-party basis, to speak out for the people of Wales and to demand, for them, and for everybody else in the UK, a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal."Failure to take action would fatally undermine your authority in cabinet and your ability to maintain collective responsibility." A Welsh Government spokeswoman said: “The first minister’s priority remains securing the best deal possible for the people of Wales and the UK.” Mr Davies and Ms Williams were contacted for comment.

The cabinet faced calls to "do the decent thing and step down" by Colin Britcher, even if it is too late to make a difference.She was also concerned about decision to stop webcasting given the importance of the meeting, and its timing in the context of the wider issues facing the council The Labour candidate for the Nene Valley ward in last year's county council elections, Nikesh Jani, spoke about the last cabinet in December which saw a young boy plead with the council to keep his local library open.Citing Heather Smith's reaction to the boy's plea, Mr Jani said: "Chair you were really nice to him but you ignored his request.".Pointing out that Pontypridd MP Owen Smith, who also signed the letter, was sacked from Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet in March for calling for a second referendum, Mr Davies said the pair had shown "flagrant disregard for the principle of collective responsibility"."As the UK enters a key period in the Brexit negotiations, it is vital that Wales' voice is strong and coherent around your cabinet table," he said.

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