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He is about ten years younger than me and very cute. I am so glad it's over." "Yeah," he said, "Me too." After a little more small talk we arrived at the bar. They have been hooking up for quite a while." "Ron, I have to say that I am not familiar with this hooking up thing. They just want to fuck." That startled me a little. " "Basically, that's it." We ordered another round, and when the drinks came we drifted off into our own thoughts. I am at the supposedly sexiest age for a woman, and he is at the age where a man has the strongest sex drive of his life. "So, does the man ask the woman or does the woman ask the man? Or change the subject." "That could hurt someone's feelings." "Well, you try to be nice about it." "So, if you are attracted to someone and want to have sex with them, you don't ask them on a date or out to dinner, you just say you want to fuck them." My god, did I say that out loud? Then he said, "I thought you would never have anything to do with me. You are so educated, such a classy vocabulary, so stylish." I was busy trying to visualize what he would look like naked. It was my turn to break the silence, so I softly said, "That's not true, Ron. I said, "Follow me to my place." He nodded, and we walked back to the company lot.

He walked on the street side which in the good old days meant he was protecting me. Since we came in together we sat together and ordered a drink. " "Either way is fine." "What if one of them is not interested? For a few moments I imagined what it would be like to suck his cock and swallow his cum. I would love to spend some intimate time with you." More awkward silence. The crowd has enough to gossip about." I nodded and got up and walked to the door. We each got into our cars, started the engines, and pulled out, him right behind me.

I lost all track of time, he might have been humping me for an hour or maybe ten minutes. There was a buzzing or ringing in my ears and I was in a trance. I was permanently stretched open and full of his slippery cum. I knew he would cum soon and I wanted to do something I have never done before. I have been too modest or ashamed to ask anyone to do it. I stuck my tongue out to receive the load like I have seen the porn stars do it.

His heavy nut-sack slapped up against me with each thrust in. In the office we should just act like friends." "When can you come over again? I had been fucked like a whore in a port city when the fleet is in. Note to the ladies out there -- give it a try, you might find out you like it.

My name is Susan, last name not given for obvious reasons. I broke up mutually with my last guy about three months ago.

I work in the office of a medium-size corporation doing marketing projects.

Each time Ron's stiff hard-on went all the way in me I grunted like an animal.

Having my belly filled with it made me exhale and vocalize. He did not want to hear all that, he just wanted me to tell him his cum tasted good. I have a dog that must be desperate to go outside." "I'm sorry!

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