Cheating and dating tips

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Women who think their husbands would never cheat are destroyed when they find out their husbands are lying about cheating.

Some wives have discovered their husbands were cheating after their husband passed away, which is why I wrote How to Forgive Your Husband for Cheating While He Was Alive.

20 year old Filipina girls want to be with guys close to their age, not with old men.

Infidelity shatters trust, causing insecurity and resentment in marriage relationships.

Even if they already are committed to a guy they don’t see a problem with it and are happy to have fun.

A lot of times they feel bad afterwards, but before and during it’s no big deal.

If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering if your Filipina girlfriend is cheating on you. Now, I really think that Filipina women would make great wives overall.

They are very loving and caring women that would be great to live with and do their best to make you happy. However I am not sure that I could ever trust one to be faithful.

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    Trust your instincts and immediately stop communicating with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or apprehensive. You don’t owe the other person anything, no matter how long you’ve been chatting or what’s been suggested. If you’re raped or sexually assaulted on your date, help is available.

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