Christianity dating back to luther and calvin

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"Biblical Christianity" focused on a deep study of the Bible is characteristic of most Protestants as opposed to "Church Christianity," focused on performing rituals and good works, represented by Catholic and Orthodox traditions.However Quakers and Pentecostalists, emphasize the Holy Spirit and personal closeness to God.In continental Europe, an Evangelical is either a Lutheran, a Calvinist, or a United Protestant (Lutheran & Reformed).The German word , which refers to churches shaped by Evangelicalism.

As time passed by, the word evangelical was dropped.A common consensus approved by most of them is that if a Christian denomination is to be considered Protestant, it must acknowledge the following three fundamental principles of Protestantism.The belief, emphasized by Luther, in the Bible as the highest source of authority for the church.The English word evangelical usually refers to evangelical Protestant churches, and therefore to a certain part of Protestantism rather than to Protestantism as a whole.The English word traces its roots back to the Puritans in England, where Evangelicalism originated, and then was brought to the United States.

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