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Not sure what your problem is with the owner of Players but we, not he, wrote the review.We learned about Club Mystique on another swingers (SLS)website.but we personally enjoy it more than we have ever enjoyed players, its even better now since the changes last few months.but to clear up the stupid boring and old as hell rumors here is the truth, take it or leave it.If you visit Florida make it there.i am soooooo glad that on a whim/reminder from an old girlfriend that i went to the club and renewed my membership this past Friday night after leaving another club. I had not been, in at least 6 months ( i was dating someone not in the "style"). I also got much of the drama/history straightened out as well. The place has made some improvements but its the staff and great fun crowd that makes this place a Must to visit and get your "party" on ! We attended a couple of weeks ago for a big Meet and Greet.

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so what is boils down to once you get past the old and ever repeated rumors is that they are both good clubs, and they both do the best that they can to provide a night of fun and enjoyment to whomever comes out, players is typically a bit of an older crowd and prestige is a bit of a younger crowd, they both play different music obviously to suit the crowd, they both are on premises clubs and both do the best they can to uphold standards...

members info was never destroyed by sandy to protect your info...

your info was never at risk of being sold, he did it for his own agenda not to protect you, but there is no reason to say what that agenda was.

Afterall, the main focus of any of these clubs should be to get people dancing, and hopefully getting frisky. May not be a deal breaker for many, but ambience is always good. Went there and it was a big let down, wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Third, play rooms need to be cleaned up considerably. Went back three times - they were supposedly going to get some and asked me to come back later - and no water. But really needs to focus on activity (dancing), service and cleaning up some odds and ends. It could easily be an 8 or 9 with some adjustments. Our first experience Players almost made us drop out of the lifestyle for good, it was only after I continuously begged my wife that we try another club and a free shopping spree on the credit card, that she agreed. Pay and still have to pay for a Coke, are you serious? Only have to say that the best Club in the world is the one in Miami, FL, the "Miami Velvet" Swingers club.

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