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I think of my ex-husband and consider his family – a large family – and I would guess there was little emphasis on getting into the kids’ heads, much less their business.This is a family that respects privacy and doesn’t seem prone to excessive interference.I plead guilty on this score, knowing the way I work and the way I write, and recognizing the dilemma this poses for those in my life.I have always been comfortable traveling on my own, learning on my own, and sleeping on my own.I’m uncertain if my marriage created that aspect of my personality, heightened what was already present the one who married a loner.Perhaps this is why relationships are a challenge for me, and clearly, I cannot speak for my ex.Yet I am certain of this: None of us walks this life without connection to others.As a parent, sensing when closeness was required and providing it has never been a problem.

Then there are the jobs we pursue – those that require silence when we work, those that pull us deeply into our own heads, those that make it a challenge for partners and spouses to reach us.Because loners are good at noticing subtleties that other people miss… Naturally, we learn ways to avoid being hurt when we’ve been burned.they are well-suited for careers that require close observation, like writing and scientific research. I know I’ve built walls over the years as a matter of protection.I can only wish they will know trust sooner than I did, and won’t see it broken to the extent that I experienced.I have faith in their capacity to connect, and I hope they will live with fewer walls.

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