Dating celestion vintage 30

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Amp Farm has been used on countless platinum recordings since its inception.The original POD was a revolutionary, kidney bean-shaped "desktop" modeling device for guitarists, offering a set of 16 amplifier models, 16 effects, and a selection of speaker cabs.The Flextone III family of amplifiers incorporated 32 Amp, 16 mix & match Cab & 12 effects models from the Vetta & PODxt generation products, FX loop, and MIDI support.The Flextone III was a mono, 75-watt, 1x12 combo amplifier.It featured 16 bass amp models, 16 bass cab & 16 effects, as well as all the functionality of POD 2.0, packaged in a gray colored version of the now-famous kidney bean shaped chassis.The Bass POD Pro was the Bass POD device housed within a studio-friendly, rack mount chassis, including all the Bass POD features as well as added 24-Bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital and Dual-Mode XLR direct outputs.

This Variax 500 was the solid-body electric in a Gloss Black finish.Line 6 offered the POD 2.0 Upgrade for owners of the original POD device, which consisted of a pre-programmed E-Prom chip and do-it-yourself instructions for the simple task of backing up your presets and changing out the chip to transform their POD to a POD 2.0.The Bass POD harnessed the core of a POD 2.0 and transformed it onto a POD designed for bassists.The Echo Pro was a studio-friendly, rack mount effects unit, offering models of coveted analog & tape echo and delay units.It included stereo in/out, 24-bit processing, user programmable presets, MIDI connectivity & clock sync, tap tempo and more.

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