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Of the 124 couples that consistently used condoms, none of the HIV-negative partners were infected.Among the 121 couples that did not consistently use condoms, 12 (about 10 percent) of the HIV-negative partners became infected. Another study shows that in “high-income countries, the risk of female-to-male transmission is 0.04% per act and male-to-female transmission is 0.08% per act.” That comes down to a 00 chance and 50 chance, respectively.What do other people considering this question have to say?Two commonly searched Reddit threads tackle the issue, with a bunch of users weighing in on HIV positive dating.Or maybe there’s still some lingering sense that people with HIV are unclean or unworthy? It’s a virus, it’s not a moral judgement or a matter of personal hygiene.Sure you can find some guys with HIV who are, shall we say, socially generous, but you’ll find the same in the HIV-negative community. It’s a pretty poor state of affairs if you think the stigma is going to rub off on you – surely that’s a just call for us all, whether we are HIV-positive or negative to work together to challenge stigma? The best we can do to help is provide you with information that will enable you to make the right decision for yourself.

Keep reading to find out more about HIV positive dating.Monogamy is great, don’t get me wrong, but it can fail.The truth is most HIV infection is a result of sex with someone who doesn’t know their status.I’ve always been a firm believer that individuals have a right to work out the sexual strategy that is right for them – and that included rejecting people on the basis of their HIV status. We’ve known for some years now that someone on treatment is very unlikely to pass on the virus. Well you’re more likely to be infected from sex using a condom with someone who isn’t on treatment than you are to be infected from sex without a condom with someone who is on treatment.So when someone says that they’re going to avoid John because he has HIV (and is on treatment), and then runs off with Jonah, whose status is unknown, they’re taking a far bigger sexual risk.

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