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If you've read these facts before, it's not too interesting, but in 1956 it will have been well received.It is aimed at a more well-heeled type of Gentleman of the era, the enthusiast type tired of DIY Hifi & wanting ready-mades.So as this is our page, we'll scan the Books for ones we reckon are interesting or noteworthy.Starting in 1956 many valve amps will be 3 watt tiny Mono things, these are interesting to try & we had one years ago.From this, there doesn't seem many more to try beyond Mc Intosh & Fisher that would need importing as not sold much-at all in the UK.

These books are around as age of original owner is now 57 years ago & assume reader was 30-50 then so time brings them out.

One we had was a TV aerial type input, a shielded cable but very early.

Buy with care & don't expect it to be modern sounding.

We Do Not Authorise any Copying, Republishing or Quoting, even as rewriting Our Research In Your Words, of using or linking to any of our Sections on ebay, any sales sites or anywhere else.

No-one else has formed these opinions, so don't steal them as yours. We are using the Hifi Year Book as we have the whole set 1956-1981.

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