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B) Every organism has the potential to produce more offspring than the local environment can support.C) Characteristics of organisms are inherited as genes on chromosomes.

That app may be malicious, may allow that person to steal directly from your phone,” he said.

D) DNA is a code for the sequence of amino acids in a protein.

E) DNA is an enzyme that puts together amino acids to make a protein.

Based on your knowledge of natural selection, you would predict that the average height of the human population will A) remain unchanged. C) why distantly related organisms sometimes resemble each other. A) hypothesis-based science; inductive B) the process of science; deductive C) discovery science; inductive D) descriptive science; deductive E) hypothesis- based science; deductive Answer: C Topic: Concept 1 .3 Skill: Application/Analysis 41) What is a hypothesis? A) a question B) a result C) an observation D) a prediction E) a hypothesis Answer: D Topic: Concept 1 .3 Skill: Application/Analysis Page 9 44) A controlled experiment is one in which A) the experiment is repeated many times to ensure that the results are accurate.

D) explains why some organisms have traits in common. A) the same thing as an unproven theory B) a tentative explanation that can be tested and is falsifiable C) a verifiable observation sensed directly, or sensed indirectly with the aid of scientific instrumentation D) a fact based on qualitative data that is testable E) a fact based on quantitative data that is falsifiable Answer: B Topic: Concept 1 .3 Skill: Knowledge/Application 42) Which of these is based on a deduction? B) the experiment proceeds at a slow pace to guarantee that the scientist can carefully observe all reactions and process all experimental data.

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