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That cozy co-existence is a key part of pair-bonding; it’s part of what enables us to raise children and what helps relationships last over the long-term.

And in the beginning, that comfortable settling in, nesting phase feels great!

After a string of additional hits ("Blah Blah Blah", "Your Love is My Drug", and "Take It Off"), — which was ultimately canceled because of issues with her label and frequent producer Dr. And that's all we're going to say here — see Wikipedia for details.

Despite her personal (and professional) troubles, Kesha finally released a third studio album, earned Kesha the critical acclaim she'd perhaps lacked until up until that point.

Even date-night becomes formulaic – the same basic activities with only the most minor variations on anniversaries and holidays.

Sitting together on the couch together for longer than 5 minutes used to lead to sloppy make-outs, now it just becomes the place where you argue about whether you’re going to watch be comfortable or that you shouldn’t be able to relax around your partner.

In between meetings, the two would work with a psychologist, an anthropologist and a geneticist to see what it meant to be compatible and try various experiments that promise to jumpstart chemistry.

SPOILER ALERT: In the end they come to the conclusion that while they like each other well enough, there’s no real excitement there.

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Once you’re settled and secure in a relationship, there’s a tendency to start taking one another for granted.

During this time, she also wrote songs for Miley Cyrus ("The Time of Our Lives"), The Veronicas ("This Love"), and Britney Spears ("Lace and Leather"), among others.

By the end of 2009, she released her debut single "Tik Tok", which became a was then released on the very first day of the 2010s, and proved to be a similar success on the charts worldwide. Luke specifically exploded messily in the news, with claims that Kesha was legally forbidden from releasing new music because of it.

The sex becomes more perfunctory – the same time, same location and same positions by rote.

It all becomes routine, part of the background noise of your day to day existence.

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