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In the meantime, either party can make an application to court to determine an interim rentafter the section 26 Notice has been served.Clearly this process will be initiated by the party which feels that current market rental conditions are more beneficial than the passing rent under the lease.Just received my accounts for my first year of business from @cartmillstewart.Highly impressed by their speedy, professional & personal service #accountancy #supportlocal #lisburn #smallbusiness #selfemployed Thrilled to announce that Director Norman Houston has been honoured with an OBE by the Queen for his work promoting #Northern Ireland in the #USA and #Canada over the past 12 years.Failure to agree the new lease by the date stated in the Section 26 Notice will mean the tenant loses its statutory protection and its lease will come to an end.The parties may agree to make an application to court to extend the expiry date if negotiations have not concluded in time, but in the absence of such an agreement, the tenant must go to court.Overlap relief may be available and, if it is, rent payable under the new lease in respect of any period between the contractual termination date of the old lease and the date of grant of the new lease is treated as reduced by the amount of rent that is payable in respect of that period otherwise than under the new lease.

If the tenant does subsequently enter into a renewal lease and the contractual term is backdated to dovetail with the expiry of the term of the old lease, then the term of the new lease is treated as commencing on that earlier date, rather than the date of actual grant.

Carrie Gracie is donating her backdated pay from the BBC to @fawcettsociety to set up a fund for women who need legal advice on equal pay claims.

Is there anything more joyous in these trying times than women helping women? Keep doing the most important job in the world with grace, love & humour.

The tenant must be prepared to follow through with its request and make an application to court to set the terms of the new lease if the landlord does not agree to the proposed terms and makes an unacceptable counter offer.

The landlord must indicate its intention to oppose the renewal by serving notice within two months of the tenant’s request.

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