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Port Moody sent about 5,000 metric tonnes a year and our Rib Fest organic waste (5 Tonnes) represents about 1/1,000Their process involves process they call “anaerobic digestion” (A/D) comprised of a series of biological processes where microorganisms break down biodegradable materials in the absence of oxygen.It is not a new concept—first “digester” was in India in the 1800’s.President Ian is in Equador on the International project, so PP Mike was acting President today.Mike reminded us to please use our THRIFTY'S SMILE COMMUNITY CARDS.Also the Conference recognized the 50Ian gave a keynote address outlining some of his goals for the year.He admitted so much of our fundraising efforts are focused on the first month of each new President’s term it is hard to look beyond the July effort required but all of the projects he sees for his year are dependent on a successful, profitable Rib Fest.I was talking to her today and 5050 was 5th and 5040 was 16th. Haven't caught up to Paul yet so I guess we'll miss him. Leah Is here to inform us of an exciting new program she and her 2 partners have started in the Tri-Cities called Build a Biz Kids.

In particular a speech on how close we are on eradicating polio, made possible by the Salk vaccine has only led to where we are nowdue to the lady scientist who developed the delivery system.

Currently they have limited Band Funding and some money from the Anglican Church.

Our Years moto is “Be an Inspiration” these 2 ladies are showing us this in all they are doing for these 11 Boys.

Guests: Leah Coss (Speaker on Build a Biz Kids), Paul Lahti, Meghan’s better half, Don Klassen spoke about the girl of his Dreams, and Glen Brown who will be officially transferred today from his old Club on the Sunshine Coast.

We're been taking in many inspiring sessions including a speech by Princess Anne and former First Lady Laura Bush.

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