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Empeopled has a whole bunch of lofty goals, from allowing users to rewrite the site rules and actually giving users Bitcoin when their posts are upvoted somehow.

Despite the whole democracy thing, Empeopled actually has an absurdly complicated scheme referred to as "Decibel level" where frequent posters' votes Zileax is hardly worth mentioning but for its shameless similarity to Reddit and its horrific pet-name for users: "Zileaks." That, and instead of free upvotes, Zileaks can pay for "Phala" that they can spend promoting other user's links. Verified Zileaks can theoretically turn in their Phala for real cash, which means Zileax is a terrifying bank that is likely illegal in dozens of countries.

Then a well-loved moderator of the famous interview subreddit r/IAMA was inexplicably let go, and the Redditsphere exploded.

Over 30 of the site's most popular subreddits went dark in a show of solidarity, protesting against the now Conde Nast-owned site's treatment of its Reddit-employed admins and volunteer moderators.

Like Voat, Hubski predates the most recent Reddit drama and launched way back in 2010.Complete with shamelessly similar interfaces, promises of freedom, and server capacity that can't even begin to withstand a fraction of Reddit's monstrous traffic, these are the Reddit alternative hopefuls that aim to take the place of the stumbling behemoth ranked roughly from "most viable" to "why just why?" Probably the most popular and widely known of the Reddit alternatives is In addition, you can also follow "tags" which are analogous both to Reddit's subreddits and Twitter's hashtags.But perhaps best of all, there's actually a feature to mute other accounts and ban them from commenting on your threads.

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    The album spawned four singles, the aforementioned Gothic Girl, Brandon Lee, The Chair and Stolen Season. After the release of Blessed Be, the band did their first short tour in Germany which included a show at the M'era Luna Festival.

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    In my original post, I talked about my mate, Pete, a full-blood Korean who I'd grown up with, watching him rip in the surf and struggle in the pub with Aussie girls.

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