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– For cover – Having a sober pair of eyes watching your every step will keep you at your best behavior. Coming right after a general friendship season, you get exclusive at this point.No playing around with someone else’s heart, body or mind. You have been observing one another, hanging out in group settings, talking.You have decided you like what you see and have received positive feedback from a mentor or very good trusted friend. But courtship is the process by which you learn and discover if both of you are meant to be together.At this time intentions have been declared, you know what you are doing and why you are doing it Tommy and I had been hanging out with a good friend of ours but we ditched them at this point : ) We still hang out in groups but we also spent time together. Ideally at this point, “the question” has been asked and the answer (a “yes”) given. The elaborateness does not begin on the wedding day itself, but long before when the groom-to-be visits the girl’s parents to declare his intentions for their girl. The visits and dowry negotiations can be drawn out and delicate and will often involve extended family members and friends.They poured into our lives as singles and took us through months of formal and informal premarital counseling.I still remember the early morning chill as we walked to meet with one of them every Tuesday morning.It's especially critical in the early (and usually the most difficult) years of marriage that you invest as much time and attention as possible in cultivating that relationship.

Am I wrong or is it okay to have close friends of the opposite sex when you're married? It's okay and even valuable to have opposite-sex friends.

I pray that the tips and insights will refresh and refocus your journey too.

Since we will be talking many things “early marriage” I thought it would be good to share a bit of my background, so that you understand what influences some of my thinking on this blog.

(Share this) My husband says that attending weddings is like hanging out with God where it matters (Malachi 14: 2a) So that’s how we do it in Kenya : ) Again, this is an overall “sketch” of things, not a hard and fast rule.

Before we were married, my wife had a lot of guy friends.

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