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The glasses-wearing former shop owner character, depicted to the left, was named Mirai in the original script.

Some of our more Japanese-familiar readers may recognize this as the word for future in Japanese, though the name was spelled out as ミライ rather than as the actual word.

She dies in Conan's arms, acknowledging the price of the "toll" forewarned by the wizard in exchange for Conan's life, and is cremated at the Mounds, where Conan prepares with Subotai and the wizard to battle Doom.

Conan asks Crom, the god of his people, to grant him revenge.

Conan wanders the world, encountering a prophetic witch in a hut and then befriends Subotai, a Hyrkanian thief and archer.

Following the witch's advice, Conan and Subotai go to the city of Zamora to seek out Doom. They burgle the Tower of Serpents, stealing jewels and other valuables from a shrine, slaying a giant snake in the process.

His master eventually trains him to be a gladiator; after winning countless fights and receiving training and education in the East, Conan is freed.

He then orders for Conan to be crucified on the Tree of Woe.

After escaping with their loot, the thieves celebrate, and Conan has sex with Valeria.

The city guards capture the trio and bring them to King Osrić, who requests they rescue his daughter — now a zealot in Doom's cult — for a handsome reward.

These spirits also try to abduct Conan, but he is restored to health after Valeria and Subotai fend them off.

Subotai and Valeria agree to help Conan complete Osric's quest and infiltrate the Temple of Set.

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