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After all, shared leisure time is a big factor in any relationship.It’s a good idea to establish early on if you two prefer to spend Sundays with a duvet and an afternoon film or if it will be off to the Cotswolds at dawn with a rucksack, walking boots and a map.To help keep conversation flowing, we have compiled a list of great first date questions: light-hearted ones to get you started and some more serious ones to give you insight. Whether you are off for a coffee (the most popular first date for our female members) or out for dinner (the male favourite), there is a good chance that there will be a bill to settle.

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Just remember to try and keep it light-hearted: that story about the white-water rafting trip is perfect – tales about your ex are not!

If all else fails, take a deep breath and remember that a date is, ultimately, about seeing whether or not you can have fun with someone. Relaxing and being yourself may not always guarantee a second date but, if you do get one, you will know it is because they truly want to be with you. Ten first date questions that can give you some insight into your date’s life and passions without getting too intense.

Of course, while these questions can be a good way to ease into a meeting, they shouldn’t be treated as gospel.

That’s why it’s so important that once you find each other online, you take it to the next level.

By no means do I think the next level is going on a date. If you read some of my previous articles, then you’d already know my feelings about the lame coffee date and how I believe dinner is the way to go.

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