Guy dating 18 year

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You allowed her to create a relationship with this boy and now you need to respect that relationship.If you do not, she is going to learn that you don't respect her feelings - they don't matter to you, she has to fight you to get what she wants and that love is hurtful.Every situation is going to be different and how parents handle their daughter's dating relationships is going to be up to them.Let's look at the advice given by parents in two real life examples.

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She may be so infatuated with him that she views anything that her parents say against the relationship as a personal attack.

He has chutzpah, this guy.) So, you do have some level of discourse with this man, and that matters.

[How to talk to kids about sex] So, things could be a lot worse.

" In this scenario, the girl's mother wanted to know how to correct her poor parenting choices and talk to her daughter about it.

Should she allow the relationship with this now adult man continue?

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