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Screen Updating = True End With End If End Sub Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) ' first remove filter Active Sheet. Auto Filter Field:=1 ' then apply it again Active Sheet. Auto Filter Field:=1, Criteria1:=" keys combination to make development panel appear and paste the code to the worksheet containing the filter you want to get auto-refreshed.) In my example I'm assuming to have a simple filter on a single column (L in my case) and that my data range is on rows from 1 (even if it may contain heading) to 126 (choose a number great enough to be sure). In my case, I only have a single column filter and the range is made by a single column (L) which is the first in the range (therefore I use 1 as value). Operator If my Autofilters(i, 3) 0 Then 'then is either xl And, xl Or, etc., and there's a second criteria my Autofilters(i, 4) = Active Sheet.

Auto Filter Field:=i 'How you'd "turn off" only a single column's autofiltering. ) Next i End Sub Function Save Auto Filter Info(i Num Autofilters As Long) As Long Dim i As Long, i Rows Autofiltered As Long Save Auto Filter Info = 0 'counts the number that are .

Download and run one of the setup packages and then select the " Install the designer components for Visual Studio 20XX." option when prompted. NET Framework Data Provider for SQLite" type="System. This dynamic link library contains both the managed provider and the SQLite native library.

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Right click on your sheet name, choose "View Code" and paste the code below. Screen Updating = False End With With Active Workbook . Auto Filter Field:=i, Criteria1:=my Autofilters(i, 2), Operator:=my Autofilters(i, 3), Criteria2:=my Autofilters(i, 4) ', On:=true by rule Else rng Autofilter. Some have been great and some folks have been running into issues.One item that keeps popping up is when attempting to update to Black Berry 10 OS version 10.3.1 a message is displayed asking that more space be freed up to continue the update. On the desktop, when using the statically linked mixed-mode assembly, only the System. file needs to be distributed with your application(s). Just change the target platform from Win32 to Compact Framework and recompile.  The Compact Framework has no support for enumerating attributes in an assembly, therefore all user-defined collating sequences and functions must be explicitly registered.  See the testce sample application for an example of how to explicitly register user-defined collating sequences and functions. NET Compact Framework edition, this is a breaking change as of NET Compact Framework do not appear to properly support mixed-mode assemblies. For further details on distributing and/or deploying System.

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