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You're now bent over with your chin resting on the horse.As your master rams his cock into your arse you wonder how far he will go.Once this is complete wait for the phone to ring and then you may speak to the mistress you pathetic sissy whimp.. This is going to be one teacher - student lesson you will never forget. This one will scorch your memory and you may well have physical reminders too. She strides to a position behind you, and you feel her hand on the back of your neck. Sometimes the thought of such a meeting with her has had you day dreaming at your desk. Then of course I could introduce you to some old style schooling.

Suddenly seconds later your body hurts as you're thrown into what appears to be a van, from the tinny sound of the doors being slammed behind you.While you're minding your own business you hear wheels screeching to a halt behind you.You spin around just in time to see a blur of black and then nothing.No sooner have you felt that sensation, you then feel him insert two fingers.. But even though your embarrassed to fuck by her laughing and pointing at it, you can't stop your little cock getting hard. "fucking pathetic little maggot cock Dirty little wanker little faggot fucking dirty perv! Your body throbs with pleasure at her obvious distaste for you.Trouble is, even when it's hard your little cock only measures a few inches. You know she finds you repulsive, and you know she is furious with you for exposing that teeny little cock in front of her.

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