Mason dating daughter of another mason

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Slaves did not travel in the wagons, and one of her jobs was to keep track of the animals.

With no choice but to accompany her owner, Mason perhaps believed her lot might improve in the new American West, but found that the Mormons who had settled the Utah Territory were greatly prejudiced against blacks.

At age 20, she became a mother herself with the first of three daughters.

The rape of female slaves by their male owners was not an uncommon occurrence in the antebellum South, and it is thought that Robert Smith may have been the father of Mason's daughters.

Mason quickly gained renown as an excellent midwife, assisting at hundreds of births of African-Americans, whites and Native Americans of all social classes.

After just ten years of freedom, she had managed to save enough money to buy her own home on Spring Street in the city, making her one of the first African-American women to own property in Los Angeles.

Mason was born into slavery in 1818, probably in Georgia or Mississippi; it is known for certain only that she was named Bridget upon her birth, and that she was the property of Robert and Rebecca Crosby Smith , Mississippi plantation owners.

Mason's teenage daughter Ellen and a friend of hers, the daughter of another of Smith's slaves named Hannah, had begun dating two free black men, Charles Owens and Manuel Pepper.

Because an 1850 state law prohibited blacks, mulattos, and Native Americans from testifying in court against whites (both in civil and in criminal cases), Mason was not permitted to speak on her own behalf when the case came to court.

However, the judge met with her privately and listened to her story.

She deemed it her "homestead," and instructed her children that it should never pass from their hands.

She accrued further savings to purchase more land, and in 1884 had a commercial property built in the downtown section of the city. Carol Brennan , Grosse Pointe, Michigan gives you the ability to cite reference entries and articles according to common styles from the Modern Language Association (MLA), The Chicago Manual of Style, and the American Psychological Association (APA).

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