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Texting that night we were doing the usual small talk until she said, "Unless you have an identical twin who also works for (name of paratransit bus company I work for) I think we have met before." I asked her if her family was local because my grandfather is well known in our city and it's not uncommon for me to know people randomly because of that.

She said, "My family is local, but I actually think we met last year when you picked up a woman from the salon I work at." And then it clicked.

I'm a bus driver and a musician, and she cuts hair so it's going to be a small wedding (unless you all want to buy my EP and give me enough money to give her a proper wedding adamrostad.) but we're;dr: Met a girl on the internet, turned out to be a girl I had a fleeting moment with and wondered about for the better part of a year, we're getting married Met my girlfriend on Tinder.

I am embarrassed about it purely out of the stigma about that app.

I don't know, not exactly somewhere you expect to meet someone and may be embarrassing trying to explain it to grandparents, etc Currently dating someone I met on tinder.

I really like him but the fact that we met on tinder still really bothers me..sure how long it will last.

Nine months prior to us randomly meeting on the internet, I had picked up this lady and when I walked into the salon she said, "Well look at him, he's handsome, why don't you two date?!

Young man, you ask this young lady out on a date, right now!

On top of that, we didn't even meet on an established dating site. And that the first time I went to see him, I was 85% sure he was going to try and murder me?

Like are they going to go to the same location we met because that's obviously the spot to meet your future spouse.

So instead of telling people we met on we tell people we met "In them streets".

My girlfriend and I used to tell people we met because we got in a minor fender bender with each other (insert "rear-ending" joke here).

We exchanged insurance information, and then I worked up the nerve to call her back. For 12 years now, we have told everyone that we meet at a party through mutual friends.

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