Nigeria nigeria online dating romance scams

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As always, you guys rock and I thank you all for your support and help! Goes by the name Humphrey Richards or Christ Kotey . UGHHH PLease Block HE is sending numerous friend requests to people on facebook while its obvious his friends are AFRICANS, NIGERIANS, GHANIANS ETC ..

They were looking for love in all the wrong places, and they lost tens of millions of dollars.

I have never heard of this actor until yesterday but these guys have him on dating sites all over the world.

Please share the photo so others can be on the lookout. id=100024807683025

Some catfishers use these fake identities to annoy or harass others online, or just to flirt without commitment. They lure their victims into an online relationship and use it to get money out of them – sometimes thousands of dollars.

Romance scammers work by setting up fake profiles on dating sites and social media.

Online romance scams are a form of “catfishing” scam, in which a person creates a fake online identify.

The men are Nigerian citizens who were living in America and defrauded a woman out of more than 0,000 by pretending to be South African diplomats.

Victims of the scams tend not to report them because they are still have feelings for the person they think they’ve fallen in love with, are embarrassed over being scammed in this way, or, wittingly or not, commit fraud themselves.

Next, they seek out victims – usually people who are lonely and vulnerable – and work to build up relationships with them.

They can spend months winning over their victims with regular conversations, long e-mails, poetry, gifts, and declarations of love – everything except face-to-face meetings.

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