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There was a slim fitting pencil skirt that I had bought on a whim but never had worn in the back of the closet.After I showered the sweat and juice off my body from the night before, I slipped the skirt over my curvy hips, foregoing underwear.I wanted to understand flesh as sculptors understood it.I focused on interpreting my fascination with sex, the body, and relationships by proxy of my education, almost as if I could make the unpredictable sensual drives of human beings into some sort of objective science.But really, it was all to control my own longings that I did not understand.There were a few outbursts of my decidedly hedonistic nature in college, but I denied them as wild and unpremeditated flukes.I flicked my nipples with my other hand, and then brought my hand to my clit.

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My nipples had become so sensitive, that I squeezed them and tickled them as I paced like a lion into my bedroom.But then, at the age of 25, restocking a book on The Flora of the Galapagos Islands, my body began to rebel against the limits of the slouchy sweaters and frumpy jeans that hid my shape. As soon as my shift ended, I hopped on my bicycle and rode back to my flat.I could barely get through the front door when I peeled off my baggy clothing, and pull my traditional white cotton panties into a thong, pulling the fabric into my ass.I stood in front of the mirror, and removed my glasses.In one motion, I released my dark hair that had been twisted into a chignon and then rubbed my long hair over my melon breasts.

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