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It was the most interesting 3 hours I have spent in a museum.

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[email protected] L Bowlby (24/11/17) Looking to see if there is any information on Morris (Mo) Ivans who was on Able Flight at RAF Chicksands 1966 - 1969. (Sigh) The years go by and I still think of you all and Chicksands.Got married on the base chapel and reception in the Priory on October 22, 1966.. I was in touch with Pat Holena from the eye clinic for a bit. I also was one of the first troops to occupy the newly build [in 1965 or 1966] barracks which was also near the AFEX and new supply warehouse. If you are going to the reunion be sure to schedule a visit to the Military Intelligence Museum on base. [email protected] Holena (22/5/2018) Hey Sandy... I have seen a few postings from the time I was there (85-87), but don't know the names as I didn't work at the elephant cage. I saw a posting from Gordon Ringer, but I'm sure he's not still at Patrick AFB. I also worked in the new warehouse which had just been newly build and was near the AFEX building. [email protected] Baker (6/4/2018) I just returned from England on Thursday.

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