Nsprogressindicator not updating

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While working on the app I noticed that it felt like I was working on an i OS app (I know how it feels like, I've been doing it daily for the last 2 months straight : P).

I think a developer who is familiar with UIKit would have no problem making mac OS apps using UXKit.

I could also see just using a count for "Inventory will be updated when al queued actions in Self Service are complete" if you know how many policies will be executed on DEP enrollment.

You MIGHT be able to adjust it if there's a setting for it, but usually not.

Hi all, Like many, I wanted my very own enrollment screen like the one IBM showed at the JNUC. @Mc Awesome Yea..used it for self-enrollment since all the user would get is a new Mac and a post-it with a URL.

If he/she has put no provisions in any preferences to allow a user to adjust or modify it then it can't be done.

The class name in Cocoa is NSProgress Indicator, and the methods set Max Value and set Min Value set the extremes of the bar, and it's up to the developer to increment the progress bar when it needs updating.

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