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Six messages in total – not each – is enough to know whether you want a date. Chances are that you won’t fancy each other, or that only one of you will fancy the other. It’s easy to lose faith when your first few dates don’t work out.

It’s very unusual for someone to find a good match in their first few attempts.

“I asked my friend to describe me, and here’s what he wrote…” is a cop-out.

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If you’re both adults, single and you use protection, it’s your choice – but if you’d rather not, that’s your choice too. Ignore those rules about waiting three days to get in touch.Most grown-ups have a history of exes, hang-ups and maybe a nervous breakdown or two. They know that you have a past, but they don’t want to hear about it. Some online dating profiles read like shopping lists.They’re looking for someone with brown eyes, short hair, between 5’10” and 6′, from west London, and so on. First, they make the writer sound like a control freak.See it all as experience, not as proof that you’re a loser (or that everyone else is a loser).Learn from your bad and boring dates and try again.

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