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It used to be a drinking thing, but now I wake up and fuck, I want a cigarette.

Sitewide, the copy-and-paste strategy underperforms from-scratch messag­ing by about 25 percent, but in terms of effort-in to results-out it always wins: measuring by replies received per unit effort, it’s many times more efficient to just send everyone roughly the same thing than to compose a new message each time.

I wasn't able to say this at the time, but in retrospect it was a blessing for it to end at a time when we all enjoyed doing it.

That's not to say that if the network had ordered more shows that I wouldn't have given it my best.

When we say we’re serious about user support, we truly mean it.


Above the diagonal are the people who decided that kind of effort was too much.Enhance charting capabilities with a range of plugins built by am Charts team.Easily setup and load external data sources in JSON or CSV formats.Resize your browser window, rotate the phone, watch the chart not just take the new shape, but adapt its contents and controls accommodate available space.Use one of the bundled beautiful themes, or build your own.

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