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In genuine intimate relationships, the partnership genre, differences are appreciated and cherished with partners who are flexible, collaborative, accepting, honest (sans the games playing and the control), compassionate, supportive, fair, equal, reliable, loving. He says that you still should try to connect (on simple topics) and not to take offense if we're shut down.

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I looked up “nice” in my Concise Oxford dictionary: “agreeable, attractive, delightful, well-flavoured, satisfactory, kind, friendly, considerate, generally commendable.” So no, you can’t. Power struggles within any significant relationship, intimate or otherwise, wreak havoc in that relationship and are indicative of our own narcissism and our need to control the other. it takes all many marriage/relationships "theories" and shows another perspective, that is both complementary and dissenting.

A man who ignores a woman after a period of intimacy or sex is being disrespectful and it shouldn't be tolerated.

No woman likes this and instead of bending over backward to accommodate a man being able to pick her up and dump her whenever he likes, she should be strong and tell him she doesn't like this behaviour and that he needs to get over himself and be consistent if he wants her to stick around.

It's not a partnership this way, it's self indulgent and selfish.

A strong independent woman will have her own friends and interests and will not need his company 24/7 but if he continues to 'pull away' if he's maxed out his intimacy quota on are gulag basis he risks his relationship or his marriage if HE doesn't learn to deal with the responsibility of being part of someone else's life or part of a family.

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