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Indigenous Australians also suffer disproportionate levels of poverty, addiction and unemployment in what they say is a racist society that dismisses them as second-class citizens.

I've spent the past several years covering race in the United States.

"That's not the life I want to live."For now, Zeritta has returned to a job training program she had quit after her cousin's death. Bobby Salee dreaded the question about prison because he knew the answer was not what anyone wanted to hear.

By the time he was 21, he already had been locked up twice.

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They are just 3 per cent of the country's population, with dozens of peoples, or nations, on the mainland and in the islands of the Torres Strait, but Indigenous suicides increased to 50 per cent of all suicides in Australia in 2010, up from 5 per cent in 1991.She had gotten into an argument with her mother, aunt and grandmother, Zeritta said.A lot of young people also feel shunned by parents, she said, who are sometimes too poor to provide properly for them.Zeritta rushed to the scene, but an ambulance already had taken her cousin to the hospital.About an hour later, Zeritta said, she got the news that her cousin had died.

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