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Now that you understand what the Biology SAT Subject Test entails, should you take it or not?To help you decide, you need to first find out if any of the schools you’re applying to require or recommend SAT Subject Tests.

Here's an example of one in a slightly different format: This is a little more challenging since you need to identify the parts of the flower that the numbers are labeling and also remember the functions of those specific parts.

This would be an appropriate control scenario because RNA contains uracil instead of thymine.

The results of the experiment upon adding radioactive uracil would demonstrate definitively that the original experiment measured DNA and not RNA synthesis.

Its biology section is especially helpful since it offers an overview of essential concepts, many of which you'll find on the Biology SAT Subject Test.

In addition to in-depth videos that teach you the basic (and even more advanced) biology concepts, Khan Academy offers more than 80 biology practice questions.

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