Romanian dating phrases

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Romanians are very human and see everything in human, not in abstract terms, but when they write about ideas they always start from abstract and sometimes cloudy first principles.They are the warmest, the most generous and kindest of people, but can be astonishingly cruel and very malicious.Romanians are Latins surrounded by Hungarians and Slavs, marooned in the wrong part of Europe where they endure with surprise each year the bitterly cold winters.Though theirs is a comparatively poor country the people seem happier than in most countries.Even a highly intelligent history graduate from Cambridge did not.In any case, the English have been taught to think that history is simply the chronicle of oppression.

Romanians who were twenty or so in 1989 are usually much better read than the English.

Catholics are considered odd but are regarded as slightly grand – but Adventists, Baptists and adherents to other sects are not considered true Romanians at all. I only wish this cohesiveness went with a sense of public spirit, but this seems to be absent in all the Orthodox as well as all the post-Communist countries. So Claudia Pendred says and she is an expert, but I usually drink plonk.

I do however love the only grape which is unique to this part of the world, Feteasca Neagra. Bucharest, the European Havana, is still probably the most interesting capital city in many ways in Europe.

And if Bucharest may not be cool it is very glamorous in a tropical, Latin American way.

I do not like nightclubs (you must never use that word with Romanians because they think it means something improper) but the fashionable nightclubs have a chic of their own. A notorious American womaniser said, in the late 1990s, that dating Romanian women was like dating gorgeous 24 year old versions of your mother’s friends. Romanians esteem brains and learning – in England it is more admirable to be good at games or was before the Palaeolithic Age, when I lived there.

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