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Once Russia agreed to his plans, Napoleon demanded Austria’s immediate capitulation.Powerless against armies from the west and east, Emperor Francis I had little choice but to accept the terms Napoleon presented.Accordingly, Eugene went to Schwarzenberg’s residence and later reported the prince’s “extraordinary confusion” when he heard the emperor’s demanding offer.

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Schwarzenberg believed that Tsar Alexander I would accept the overtures, Napoleon would marry the tsar’s sister, the Russian Grand-Duchess Anna Pavlovna, and the Austrian ambassador would be forced to witness a strengthening of the alliance between the Habsburgs’ two greatest enemies.As early as 1807, when Napoleon’s empire approached its zenith, rumors began to circulate that the emperor might annul his childless marriage with Josephine.Austria, like the rest of Europe, held a keen interest in the emperor’s plans for a new wife.While the marriage ceremonies, the honeymoon, and the eventual birth of the King of Rome illustrate the pageantry of Napoleonic Europe, Prince Schwarzenberg’s crisis of 6 and 7 February 1810 demands further investigation.Why did the prince behave in such an agitated manner before signing such a beneficial contract, one that ensured the security of the Austrian monarchy?

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