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Nightjet is the brand name for Austrian Railways (BB) comfortable sleeper trains, launched in December 2016 and linking Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Italy.Huge distances are covered overnight while you sleep in a safe & cosy sleeper or economical flat-bed couchette, city centre to city centre - it saves a hotel bill too.Berths are sold individually, so if travelling solo you can book one inexpensive bed in a 2-berth or 3-berth compartment and share with other civilised sleeper passengers of the same gender, you don't need to pay for a single-bed compartment if you don't want to. Couchettes are the economy option, simple padded bunks with rug, sheet & pillow in either a 6-berth compartment (the cheapest option) or 4-berth compartment (slightly more expensive, but well worth it for the extra space per person).Couchettes are great for families or groups of friends or individual travellers on a budget.Built 1992-1995, they come in two versions: One with standard sleeper compartments with washbasin on both decks, each compartment usable as single-berth or 2-berth.

The main difference from the regular sleeper is that you get a small private toilet & shower instead of the washstand.

There are just 4 deluxe compartments all on the upper deck, featuring an upper & lower berth at one end (see photo below right), a small table & chairs in the middle (see photo below left) and a very compact en suite toilet & shower at the other end. The Man in Seat 61 says "These upper deck deluxe compartments are worth paying the extra for as there's lots more space compared to the rather cramped lower-deck standard compartments." These are on both the upper & lower deck, but mostly lower deck.

Each compartment can be used as a 2-berth or (with the upper berth folded away) as single-berth, each compartment has a washbasin and a power socket for mobiles or laptops.

Both types also have two 3-berth compartments, one at each end, originally fitted with 4 berths but now only sold as a 3-berth.

See the double-deck sleeping-car layout & berth numbering plan. The deluxe compartments take up two window bays, a regular sleeper just one.

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