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Why does gun violence in Toronto disproportionately affect black men and innocent women of racialized and indigenous status?Rarity do you see on the news about some feminist or feminist rat police informant being victim to gun violence in Toronto.- Renting a place is severely not affordable, it will eat half of your salary or more There is an opioid crisis ( Housing crisis (https://ca/news/canada/toronto/toronto-average-asking-monthly-rent-september-2017-canada-mortgage-housing-1.4529133) Traffic congestion crisis (https:// Emergency room waits of 8 hours or more/ health care capacity crisis (https://If you have kids, a child care crisis: https:// And recently, a gun crisis I wish I had issues like some of these people talking about feminists in the comments. If the men in Toronto come on this random site to whine about women I can only imagine how selfish and ignorant they are in person. I just don't understand how people do it in this city financially.It shows how the police in Canada are only there for white women but the police don't give eff all about protecting nonwhite women though nonwhite women don't do as much criminal activities like white women.I hope there are moderators who can keep civility in these threads, avoiding unpleasant comments like some of the ones below by Anonymous. As a city, Toronto has lack of planning for infrastructure or services for the people who come.I lived in TO in the 70s and 80s and the main problem then was shit quality of life. Gov't: lack of priorities, too much wasted money going to special interest groups and refugees/newcomers (immigration is an industry in Canada).

I attended a city meeting recently where the main concern was a bird sanctuary by the waterfront.They love money and that is the only thing that makes contemporary male/female relationships stay together.I literally almost worked myself to death for my last woman.I feel like I am surrounded by morons and hypocrites every single day of my life. Toronto women are rabid animals deserving of the dog pound! I left Toronto because the women were always doing that feminist behavior against men. You will notice that the women there are terrible!!!!Toronto has very feminisk women that brothels are everywhere in Toronto like Mc Donalds in America.

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