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It is the reasons why I was "green lighted" to act as a spokesperson for the I. The editorial is written in a format one may easily mistake for an objective article.

Johnson states that Dux's Kumite trophy didn't come from a 1975 tournament in the Bahamas, but rather it was merely ordered and picked up by Dux at a trophy shop just a few miles from his Southern California home.

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Robinson, a Jujitsu black belt, went from being a biker in Venice, California, to transforming himself today into a prominent stockbroker for Montgomery Scott.

We initially assumed I would lose, but eventually I became one of the best Kumite fighters to ever participate in the event.

According to the movie, the Kumite tournament is a no-holds-barred mixed martial arts competition held in secret every five years.

"Although there is no convenient way to verify each and every detail connected with the story, the editors have verified enough of the basic facts to feel confident in publishing it. Stewart's letter, dated May 21, 1980, makes general statements about Frank Dux's unique martial arts expertise and knowledge, stating, "BLACK BELT magazine has conducted a lengthy series of interviews with Mr. then trying to commercialize the event, with a foothold in the United States." magazine, November 1980.

But since we are not at liberty to share the corroborating evidence with the public, we acknowledge that each reader may have a different idea of what the facts permit him to believe." Regarding Dux, the magazine states, "Although the details of his story are impossible to check out completely, BLACK BELT has spoken with other I. Dux, and it is the opinion of the editor that: In the letter's closing, John Stewart wrote, "While this magazine ordinarily does not act as an agency for the verification of skills or credentials, in this case we happen to know that the above statements are true.", the real Frank Dux answered this question by saying, "The stated purpose in doing the article is the fact I issued an open challenge encouraging others to fight in the Kumite circuit I championed as a heavyweight, in 1980. Yet shortly after the movie's release in May of 1988, writer John Johnson published an an editorial in the Los Angeles Times' local San Fernando Valley Metro Section accusing Dux of making everything up.

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