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Problems accessing Social Security System Philippines website online?Here is the exact address and telephone number below for the main office.Now you ask yourself: “What are the requirements to avail of Pag-IBIG Housing Loan?” There are standard requirements asked from the applicant upon Loan Application and prior to Loan Approval.So anyhow, to cut the story short, this rep advised me to login back to this time to use the username “admin” and the initial password “1234”.Since I had my laptop with me during the call, I immediately followed his advice. After I’ve entered the the new username and password, I was prompted to enter a new password.So you’ve finally decided to invest in real property using Pag-IBIG Housing Loan?

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Many younger OFW and voluntary members of SSS have been asking us this question. SSS largely uses the last 60 monthly salary credits before semester of retirement for computing pension*. Individual payors younger than 55 are allowed to increase their monthly contribution to any higher salary bracket These younger individual payors say that since they’ve already accumulated 120 monthly contributions and are already qualified for pension, it’s better for them to use their premium payment elsewhere, and continue paying their SSS premiums just before they turn 55.

If you do not have one, you can register using the same webpage here – ph/ and from there, you have to find out the official login page for members. One is to use the employee ID and the other is for those who are not currently employed or those who are self-paying / or those in voluntary contribution status.

If you belong to the second category as a member of the SSS, you can register with the use of an email address and confirming it by visiting a link the agency will automatically send you for confirmation after you register in their official website listed above.

The number of Credited Years of Service (CYS) is also part of the pension formula used for a lot of pensioners: 300 20% of Average Monthly Salary Credit 2% of AMSC x (CYS – 10) Always take note though that paying lower contributions just to increase your CYS is not wise.

Doing this will reduce your AMSC, especially if these low contributions are within your last 60 monthly salary credits. If you like to avail of SSS sickness, disability, maternity or salary loan programs, you need to be active payors.

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