Updating an existing web site

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Do the following to avoid possible layout problems or missing images.Note: " The grid system in i MIS has been enhanced to include the Bootstrap grid system.For help with creating your own grids, see the i MIS topic about Creating custom layouts and the Bootstrap Grid system documentation.Once you have updated the layout to use the new classes, save and close the window. The box-sizing CSS property is used to correctly calculate the widths and heights of elements.

Changes are often made to CSS, skin, image and master page files.

While you might have made minimal changes to your i MIS look and feel, you might have made extensive changes to tailor the design for your organization.

Regardless of your situation, the steps for upgrading your i MIS-themed website are the same.

Note: " Extensive changes have been made to various master pages.

If you have customized an i MIS master page, you might need to copy those customized changes to the updated master page after you perform an upgrade.

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