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You can use this method to update multiple records, but you still need to step through each record and click on the field to update the record.This can be cumbersome if you have multiple records.I'd like to update many rows with each row having a possibly different value, while using only a single SQL query.A query with a single WHERE clause would be inadequate as a result.

As you did in the previous exercise, click on a table in the Connections Navigator. Notice by clicking on a table different from the previous one worked on, the tab is replaced with the new selected table.To keep the EMPLOYEES tab and the DEPARTMENTS tab open, click the Freeze View pin before selecting the new object.If you always want new tabs to open, you can set a preference to pin tabs. Update that record by clicking on any of the values and changing it.To update Sarah’s last name from Bell to Lopez, you use the following UPDATE statement.See it in action Now Nancy wants to change all her children’s last names from Bell to Lopez also.

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