Updating text in gif files

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Continues an existing open lightweight or 3d polyline by picking near either end.

If the picked end is curved, the proper tangent is used as if you were still in the polyline command with the arc mode on.

As each symbol or collection of symbols is added to the manager, it is assigned a group name.

Once organized into groups, even thousands of symbols can be found in seconds.

Optionally updates attributes on drawing open, or updates datasources on drawing save.

Partial Function List The list below details some of the functionality in Tool Pac. Use your favorite editor to store notes anywhere on your network and reference the text (multiple times if necessary) as mtext objects.

When the drawing opens (or on demand) the annotations update to reflect the current file(s).

Controls layouts including ordering, editing, renaming, creation, and plotting tools.

Reorder, delete multiple, change case, find/replace, prefix/suffix, rename, copy, lock viewports, zoom all/extents.

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