Utorrent tracker not updating

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is set, the torrent will be initialized in upload-mode, which means it will not make any piece requests.This state is typically entered on disk I/O errors, and if the torrent is also auto managed, it will be taken out of this state periodically.If it doesn't within some period of time, it will be choked and another peer will be optimistically unchoked.

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Once the session destruction is explicitly initiated, this holder is used to synchronize the completion of the shutdown.

The share mode has one setting, the share ratio target, see determines if the IP filter should apply to this torrent or not.

By default all torrents are subject to filtering by the IP filter (i.e. This is useful if certain torrents needs to be exempt for some reason, being an auto-update torrent for instance.specifies whether or not the torrent is to be started in a paused state. it won't connect to the tracker or any of the peers until it's resumed.

In order to preserve default behavior when clearing or setting other flags, make sure to bitwise OR or in a flag or bitwise AND the inverse of a flag to clear it. These values let you initialize these settings when the torrent is added, instead of calling these functions immediately following adding it.

-1 means unlimited on these settings just like their counterpart functions on torrent_handle The connection was initiated by us, the peer has a listen port open, and that port is the same as in the address of this peer.

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