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When you first install Office on a computer with a touch screen, touch mode is enabled by default.

All of a sudden, the delete button is missing next to the messages in the message pane and the reply, reply all, and forward buttons are no at the top of the reading pane.

But there are significant changes to this part of the object model and I am only going to touch on the basic parts here. Name = _ "Table1" ' No go in 2003 Active Sheet. Table Style = "Table Style Light2" End Sub But the new stuff is right there already: Table Styles. Line Style = xl Dash End Sub This changes the linestyle of the bottom of your table. If you have any other workbook open, all tables with the same tablestyle appear in your changed style! Select ' Select only data of first column ' No go in 2003 . Offset(0, 9)) Is Nothing Then 'Format the font color in the cells to the left of the dropdown cells according to the value in the dropdown cell Dim rg Cell As Range For Each rg Cell In Intersect(Target, Range("Tasks").

Converting a range to a table starts with the same code as in Excel 2003: Sub Create Table() Active Sheet. A collection of objects which are a member of the Workbook object. You can change the formatting of a table Style, e.g. But if you save your file, close Excel and open Excel again with the file, the changes are gone. Address Next End Sub This snippet of code works exactly the same in Excel 2003, so nothing new there (well, that is, in 2003 those tables ARE called Lists).

Select End With ' No go in 2003 '2: with the range object 'select an entire column (data only) o Sh. Select 'select an entire column (data plus header) o Sh. Select 'select entire data section of table o Sh. Or what is the best way to handle diffrent tables or sheets in a XLA.

Add method: Sub Table Inserting Examples() 'insert at specific position Selection. Function Get Insert Row(obj List As List Object) As Range obj List. Run-time error - 2147319765 Automation error Element not found. Thanks Regards S Srinivas Hi Jan, Thanks for the hint! How can I reach the sheets in the xla by a self written function or procedure?

I have a problem since a few weeks whereby both Msg Box and the popup from Application. It seems to be a general popup issue, and it does not matter where in the code it is.

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You cannot delete them and they get renamed automatically when you change a table's name. Screen Updating=True An important difference between Excel 2003 lists and Excel 2007 tables is that the Insert Row Range property of the List Object only works when the table is empty. Running the macro is very, very slow relative to the action from the UI. Hello, First of all - thanks for this useful guide! thanks, Radek Hello, I have a question regarding tables in use with VBA. Color Index = 2 'White End If End With Case "Started" With rg Cell.

If you want full control over your table style, you'd better duplicate a built-in style and modify and apply that style to your table. The code comments show you where Excel 2003 differs from 2013, 20.

Let's start with finding all tables on the active worksheet: Sub Find All Tables On Sheet() Dim o Sh As Worksheet Dim o Lo As List Object Set o Sh = Active Sheet For Each o Lo In o Sh. Sub Selecting Part Of Table() Dim o Sh As Worksheet Set o Sh = Active Sheet '1: with the listobject With o Sh.

Sometimes after I click on the VB editor, I can go back to the spreadsheet and I can see the popup, but nothing happens when I click on it. An example of where it gets stuck is the following: (you can see it turns off events, screenupdating, etc.). Screen Updating ' disable events, alerts, automatic calculation & screen updating With Application . Without seeing more, that's the only thing I can come up with.

I have this for several macros, so it doesn't seem related to a specific macro. This might run around 6-7 times at best, or sometimes just 3-4 times before it crashes with the popup. Just to let you know that this appears to have resolved it, so thanks very much for your help! Now I just have Excel freezing when there is an error in the code - so an unexpected popup. It's a pity it loses the line number of the regular error message though.

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